Directors of note

One of the very noticeable features of the 2012 Sight & Sound Critics’ List of the 250 greatest films of all time is that some directors turn up time and time again. An excellent way to quickly track down a whole lot of quality movies is to find a director whose work you really connect with and go out of the way to see as many of his or her movies as possible. For instance, J. really enjoys the work of Billy Wilder and Stanley Kubrick (both of whom appear on the Top 250 list several times); S. really enjoys the Coen brothers, who by some horrendous oversight do not appear on the list (for shame!!).

Click on the name of a director below and you will be whisked off to all of our yammers on the films he or she directed. We are only going to create links to directors who have at least two movies in the Sight & Sound 250 list, and because this blog is an ongoing process, we will only create a link once we have actually discussed at least one film by any given director.

The Directors (in alphabetical order):

         •  Bresson, Robert
         •  Buñuel, Luis
         •  Chaplin, Charlie
         •  Dreyer, Carl Theodor
         •  Eisenstein, Sergei
         •  Fleming, Victor
         •  Ford, John
         •  Hawks, Howard
         •  Hitchcock, Alfred
         •  Keaton, Buster
         •  Kubrick, Stanley
         •  Kurosawa Akira
         •  Lang, Fritz
         •  Lean, David
         •  Leone, Sergio
         •  Lubitsch, Ernst
         •  Mizoguchi Kenji
         •  Murnau, F.W.
         •  Ophüls, Max
         •  Ozu Yasujiro
         •  Powell, Michael & Pressburger, Emeric
         •  Renoir, Jean
         •  Rossellini, Roberto
         •  Welles, Orson
         •  Wilder, Billy


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